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      Takim Lideri
      Forum Admini
      Super Moderatörler
      Super Moderatörler
      Ikariam Genel Chriger
      Etkinlik Alanı Chriger
      İkariam Taverna Chriger
      Sunucular / Görevli Moderatörler
      Alpha Bellanoche
      Beta Bellanoche
      Gamma Bellanoche
      Delta Bellanoche
      Epsilon Jai
      Phi Bellanoche
      Chi Bellanoche
      Psi Bellanoche
      Omega Bellanoche
      Demeter Bellanoche
      Dionysos Bellanoche
      Eirene Bellanoche
      Eunomia Bellanoche
      Gaia Jai
      Hades Bellanoche
      Hephaistos Bellanoche
      Kaikias Jai
      Lips Bellanoche
      Notos Jai
      Pan Jai
      Ares Jai
      Poseidon Jai
      İkariam Taverna
      Cafe İkariam Jai / Bellanoche
      Spor Jai / Bellanoche
      Bilim ve Teknoloji Jai / Bellanoche
      Fan Çalışmaları Jai / Bellanoche
      Kültür & Sanat Jai / Bellanoche
      RP Odası Jai / Bellanoche
      Ikariam Anket Jai / Bellanoche

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